Umut Eldem – Selected Works

bound (2020)

for Violin & Sampo

  • Commissioned by Musinfo

  • Premiere on 21/11, in Saint-Merri Church, Paris

Glimmer (2020)

for Tenor Saxophone, Live Electronics, & Live Visuals

“Glimmer” is based on the act of breathing, and the intricacies it reveals as one focuses on the different aspects of this natural reflex. The performance focuses on the intuitive presentation of multi-sensory art. While the work is oriented around music, a live audio visualization system, created as a part of the composer’s research, accentuates musical elements (pitch, direction, timbre, form) and transforms them into a visual component.

  • Performed by: Dries Meerts

Hearing Glass (2019)

Electronic Audiovisual Installation

“Hearing Glass” uses a computer camera to give passers-by a synaesthetic experience. The camera uses a live feed to create a soundscape that comes out of either speakers or headphones, depending on the location and the likelihood of disturbance. A transformed live feed from the camera is shown on the computer screen. The audiovisual transformation from picture to soundscape is based on Eldem’s research on synaesthesia, the experience of multiple senses at once, as the colours and shapes from the pictures are automatically transcribed in accordance with synaesthetic theory.

Prelude (2018)

for Narrator, Live Electronics, & Light

The text of “Prelude” is based on the ancient creation myths from all throughout the world, a story told by many viewpoints across all continents, with the music, the soundscape, and the colour lights depicting the creation in tandem.

  • Performed by: Atilla Filiz

A Light Exists (2017)

for Ensemble & Voice

Based on the poem “A Light Exists in Spring” by Emily Dickinson.

  • Performed by: Ensemble XXI

The World (2016)

for String Orchestra

  • Performed by: Ensemble XXI

To The Light (2015)

for Ensemble

  • Performed by: deCompagnie

The Rising City (2014)

for Orchestra

  • Performed by: deFilharmonie

Prima Luce (2013)

for Four-Hands Piano

  • Performed by: Ekin Cemre Üstünel and Beril Eren